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UX Research Consultant

Due to the Sensitivity of the Clearance type no work example may be given at this time. A description of every day activities and job duties/requirements have been listed. Please contact me to discuss further about my role and my accomplishments at the Social Security Administration Agency of the United States of Amercica.

UX Design Research Consultant

  • Improve and manage SSA Mobile APP foot print in different demographics

  • Perform data exploration, solve data problems, develop and consult algorithmic data processing

  • Work closely with our account management and business development teams

  • Prepare and publish various executive-level management reports that make use of key insights in a clear, concise and compelling way

  • Develop clinical quality assurance and improvement processes and reports

  • Consulting and collaborating with marketing professionals, and other stakeholders to share insights, review content, and develop recommendations

  • Educate internal clients about the value of market research in addressing knowledge gaps identified when developing business strategy

  • Gathering competitive intelligence on a regular basis with the purpose of developing recommendations for how to best position our product stories

  • Analyzing client challenges and opportunities, and thinking through how to articulate solutions with qualitative backups

  • Economic analysis (ex. identifying factors supporting  different age group and other demographics needs)

  • Provide input to improve program workflow to facilitate effective and efficient operations

  • Manage, coach and provide ongoing development to members of the research team

  • Develop data collection and maintain systems that ensure smooth flow of research and clinical processes

  • Work closely with the external client to understand and develop the specifications for the project

  • Work with client to develop and refine research objectives

  • Develop innovative frameworks for presentation of findings


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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