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Blue Force Communications

Blue Force Communications is a global strategy and communications agency with offices around the globe. BFC opened its doors in Washington DC back in 2010 and has been growing ever since. The Company went through a total revamp in 2016-2017, where Andrea Cassar took on the branding personally. 

The Logo was updated, the website was redesign to accommodate more services, a company app is in the process of being created to render clients with an easy access for project monitoring, a direct mailer was designed for the launch of the new look, and a video is being created to showcase the services through social media.

LogoMark BF

Through trends and market research it was decided to re-brand the company logo. Business parameters where to keep the same type but needed the logo to be more bold and not light.

Adjustments where made to the gaps in the font (closing the "B" and "R"), while strengthening the lower "COMMUNICATIONS" text, and adjusting the color value in the existing company colors. The new Blue Force Communications logo tailors to what the company represents, a bold yet sleek PR Agency tailoring to modern trends.

Blue Force Video

Info-Short-Video Blue Force Communications

BF Website

Website For Blue Force Communications

Old website

New website

Bf Direct mailer

Direct Mailer Blue Force Communications

UI/UX Design

UX/UI Blue Force Mobile/Tablet/Ipad  App

To see how the user interface flow of the Blue Force Tablet App is shaping up, copy and paste the link into your browser:

Mobile App Designs
Mobile App Designs2
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