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The Cettina (pronounced che-te-na) Typeface family is to be used as a call to action or display font. It has a strong arch that resonates the stability of the letter forms to stand on their own. The capital letters are bold and straight forward while the lower case have a fun and quirkiness to the stems. 

Cettina Typography

Typeface Poster 1
Typeface Poster 2
Typeface Poster 3
Typeface Poster 4

The uppercase letterforms represent bold terminals and thin stresses to magnify the contrast of the counter form. The stress on all characters of the typeface is on a straight vertical axis, the only time where the axis shifts to the right by 5% is on the Italic version of the typeface. The beauty of the Uppercase letterforms is that when making a title all in caps, the word flows from left to right.

The lowercase letter forms are oval and fun much like the Uppercase but with more ability to create visual hierarchy in a way that makes the typeface look yummy and eatable! A delightful typeface that is easy to read and can be used for many purposes. 

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