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The Scenario with the Challenge

Some time ago I found myself in the situation (like most Americans) of having to find the right job to further build my career and advance to the next step - executive management.  This  journey to tidy up my resume and start looking for another job was exciting at first, but within a few days I was dreading even looking for a job because of the job application process/cycle. I landed a job shortly after three months and the aftermath of the many headaches was finally a thing of the past. Once I landed my new position my next exciting journey was to hire new staff, which caused another headache because of the many job board options on the market. This within itself was not a smooth task. Therefor because of this horrible process and Idea came to mind. What if there was a site that you can create a profile to search fro jobs, further your education in those career tracks, and have that same portal function as your HR portal after being hired? When I started ti interview the candidates for my current staff they all where able to relate and empathize with the struggle at looking for a job and interviewing all together.

My Concept: The Solution:

For my Thesis at MICA I have decided to design a SaaS (Software as a Service) portal that would streamline the job board application process and at the same time act as a HR Management Tool for companies/agencies. This software tool Called HR Strategy is a cloud based platform accessible from any digital internet hosting device.


Below is a list of roles and duties performed:

  • Design elegant, simple, human-centric flows and experiences while defining new initiatives and iterate on existing features. Transform tasks into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs through the entire experience lifecycle, from the first-time user to the expert. 

  • Intake and understand complex business requirements and translate them into effective digital experiences that help customers.

  • Create UX documentation (transaction flows, scenarios, wireframes, navigation models, prototypes, user interaction specifications) to communicate concepts and designs to internal partners.

  • Work with contemporary tools, including Sketch, Invision, Marvel, Adobe Creative Cloud to design new interaction modules, page layouts, style guides, images, icons, animations and other visual elements

  • Apply and update existing brand (visual and interaction) standards to accommodate test goals

  • Present and communicate designs and design goals to teammates, partners, and leadership.

  • Create prototypes using design tools noted above and working directly with front-end developers

  • Participate as an observer in user interviews and usability test sessions

  • Validate developer-built experiences relative to UX design requirements, provide feedback and work with developers to reach best outcomes

  • Conduct research studies and present findings that will inform improvements in the customer experience. Add to and contribute to establish research methods and strategies.

  • Address all updates and training tutorials to all contracting and client employees. Strategize delivery of communication based upon customer.  

The initial concept of HR Strategy was started in Sept. of 2019 as a UX Design project, placed aside after the first class, and then fully worked upon in Sept of 2020 for my Thesis. 
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To make things easier I have composed my process in visual slide decks and videos. The buttons below will take you to the section(s) of my process.
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