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Conceptual Ideas

Discovery Channel
Campaign Ideas for NC
Campaign Ideas for NC

There are many ways to create captivating campaigns that have a way to shock and embed branding and messaging together. Because of mass media we tend not to get to involved in issues that are horrifying.

But with every great movement there was also an idea, a concept that was so moving and captivating which aids the significants of that movement.

Designed to the left are a similar concepts in design layout but different messaging for each brand.

Discovery Channel is always finding ways to educate and explore not only our one of a kind - big blue planet, but our universe.

The Nature Conservatory strives at educating how people could commitment to creating a hopeful future for our lands, our waters, our climate, our oceans, our cities - together in a unified balanced way of living.

WWF is dedicated in sending messaging to protect wild life and preserving these species for our future generations. 

50 Euro Currency Concept
20 Euro Currency Concept
100 Euro Currency
All 3 Euro Currency Front Concepts

It was debated a few times to get ride of tangible money and go all virtual - like the bitcoins. For over two thousand years the human civilization have had some form of coin, and or paper money. 

From a design perspective the current Euro is plane and in my opinion needs to tell more then just a few bridges from each great nation. Above are a representation of what a few of the Euros could be.

The new Euros highlight a few of the nations greatest inventions that have help not only the Italian country but the entire world. The Romans with the first hand free mill, Marconi with the first attempt at radio waves, and the Sicilian princes that defeated invaders and set the Kingdoms of Two Siciliys from outside rule.

Leonardo DRS
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