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Print Making

Linoleum block printing is made by cutting into linoleum surface with a sharp V-shaped knife chisel tool that comes in different sizes and shapes. Most of the times you draw on the surface and then carve out the negative imprint. When producing type on linoleum, always carve the type in mirror form so that when applied the ink onto paper it is legible.

Chine-collé has many different was that can be executed. The process that I used was to force through a press roller all the paper once cut and layered one on top of the other. There is no glue to adhere all the paper cut-outs. By using paper with natural long fibers, once the papers go through the press many times over the fibers are forced to stick together.


The Japanese Kimono Women composition has 15 layers all on top of one another. The last layer is the layer with the most small cut-outs. The Women are composed together through 10-25 individual paper cut-outs. The Japanese parasol is a linoleum print. There are only four of Chine-collé compositions.


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