Metaphors surrounds us everyday and everywhere we go based on culture. A shoe and it's shoe box is one that many people think about very much.

My grandfather (also an artist like myself) whom I was close to growing up passed away in 2009. He used to always where the same style of shoes. In 2009 when I went to visit family in Italy I decided to buy a pair of shoes just like what my grandfather wore.

I wanted to make an art piece to commemorate to honor him as an artist. This made me think about his shoes. Helping my grandmother clean and place my grandfather's belongings away I  came across the original shoe box. 

Placeing the shoes in the box made me think of a person being barried. We come all new into this world (just like a new pair of shoes out of a box) and we usually leave old after years of wear and tear (just like shoes) and most of the time burried into a wooden box.  

Grandfather's Shoe




Sculpture/Ceramics with a south-asian twist...

Upon one of my travels that brought me to Pakistan, I fell in love with the simple yet interesting carving designs that are all over the furniture and clothing. These designs have an Indian look that when I applied to my sculpture pieces I felt that they transformed into a unique look. It is not quite Indian or Pakistan nor is it Western art, it is however a fusion of all three.


The style is still not refined but still carries "my rugged look" quality throughout.

In this collection, I molded a large music box, a two foot umbrella stand with insert and base, a frame that goes around a mirror  a vase, and two picture frames.


This collection is part of my Art with a function collection. Every piece that I have made is an object that is used either on a daily bases such as the mirror  to the umbrella stand that is to be used when the weather calls for an umbrella. Functional art conveys a different meaning then display art pieces.

The roses above are to be admired and inspected for details and beauty. Whereas the Functional Art collection is to be admired but also be used in some extent that suites our needs.


A picture frame hold a picture. It frames a moment or a person that is special to us. The music box can hold memorabilia or other things that we would wear like jewelry. The vase holds flowers that are given to us maybe by the person in the picture frame.

HOT/Plates with a south-asian twist...

While creating my functional art collection it came to mind that it would be nice to create hot plates with the designs that I had already started with on the umbrella stand.


My first designs where simple, carving out small but different shapes of the pattern designs.

But as I made more hot plates, the patterns started to take life on their own and many more designs emerged from the original set patterns of 12.


Some are many to lay flat on the surface, while other have 4 circular feet on the bottom. 

Each hot plate is signed, labeled 1 of 1 design and features a date.


Should you want to order any hot plates please click here for more details on where to purchase these hot plates.


The trays have the same design concept and still one of a kind. No hot plate will be exactly the same design as another because they are all made by hand.


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