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Rebranding Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo has not had a rebranding of the company's image since 1999. Part of the rebranding process was to change the company logo, (logo versatility to have print and digital use), redesign a completely different, modern website, and to create a press kit with multiple life uses.

Life uses such as a regular press kit promoting the company's mission statement and functions,  a kit that could be used as a direct mailer to get new members to donate or buy memberships, and a kit that could be a vehicle as a one stop tool to describe the organization and it's future missions. 

Old Logo Mark

New Logo Mark

Wireframe-Casa Colombo

Wireframe For Casa Colombo Website

Home Page Concept



Events Page

Website-Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo's Website

Press Kit-Casa Colombo

Casa Colombo's Press Kit

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