At Divine Mercy University my primary roles where to:

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  • Provide new trends in graphical UX/UI design and content graphics with animation illustrations for worldwide online distribution of course modules taken by all foreign service officers, diplomats, ambassadors and worldwide US consults and Embassy staff while developing course graphic design elements

  • Work with and drive online UX solutions to drive better learning methodology with existing courses for the Distance Learning Division of FSI

  • Sketch both on paper and white boards to brainstorm and conceptualize innovative solutions, create user experience specifications, workflows and mockups, storyboards and style guides, and presenting final concepts to State Department Clients

  • Conduct and review research strategy (group, solos, focus groups, big data analytics for user interviews, surveys and usability studies with research team

  • Build personas, user journey map, empathy maps that are board member presentable

  • Lead UX team on Information Architect, and taxonomies, navigation schemas, search schemas and site map development while conforming to requirements of the American with disabilities Act (Section 508)

  • Experience on web analytics and feedback data to inform infrastructure changes and design

  • Utilize skill sets to elevate Interaction Design, interaction modeling, and mental modeling

  • Create user scenarios, user flow, low fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes

  • Experience designing web apps and mobile solutions for enterprise platforms, while conducting usability test - usability test script, method, collect feedback and design improvement recommendations

  • Advanced knowledge of wireframing and/or prototyping tools and methodologies; build sitemaps, user journey maps and future journey maps through Adobe XD, Axure, Invision, InDesign, and Sketch

  • Lead new branding of the Stephen B. Low Information Center Library at FSI, branding materials consisted welcome signs, bookcase end stacks, murals, window displays, digital media board

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Customized Data Charts

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