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At Divine Mercy University my primary roles where to:

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  • Provided short- and long-range planning; design and manage marketing, traditional and social media-based national and global communication campaigns

  • Define and provide goals for team comprised of three marketing direct reports and five admissions representatives

  • Planned and directed all company marketing and communication-related campaigns

  • 225 campaigns launched in 18 months with 28% open rate with 11% click through rate

  • 35% increase in leads monthly by implementing new local, national, international marketing campaigns

  • Processed data/analytics to optimize project and program performance; manage annual $950K marketing budget

  • Controlled multiple areas of creative, brand, and connected vendor relations; form professional relationships with 38 vendors to properly manage Other Direct Costs (ODCs) for creative programs

  • Improved website traffic by 18% through conducting user journey maps, interviews - creating personas elevating UX/UI design and through highlighting fields of study and programs in tactically placed surveys in social media settings

  • Converted CRM Systems from InfusionSoft to Salesforce Lighting. 

  • Created customer journey maps, wireflows, and wireframes to Third-Party vendor for Salesforce design implementations. 

  • Conducted competitive analysis on best CRM system for the university, provided UX design comparative analysis, user personas, wireflows, wireframes, screen mock-ups, prototypes through Adobe XD, Figma, and Invision.

  • Utilized big data and Google analytics with applied SMART objectives; visual collateral delivery before or on time, always within budget and scope

  • Developed and Trained staff on career growth individually how to use Saleforce to elevate response time to leads while utilizing all special features of CRM system.

  • Provided hands-on training to staff designers, as an expert in Adobe Creative Suite (Acrobat, Bridge, Illustrator, InDesign, Aftereffects and Photoshop), WordPress, Facebook Ad Manager, MS SharePoint, Google Ads, and CRM Programs - InfusionSoft, Salesforce, and HubSpot

  • Set up media bookings, direct/produce videos for social media engagement, Hulu, Comcast, classroom videos

  • Utilized through canvas platform, and direct live stream through EWTN broadcasting station - 1M viewership

  • Preserved Section 508 compliance and abide by AP Stylebook guidelines

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UX/UI Design

UX/UI Salesforce Portal Wireframes

Reports Page
Reports Page

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Customized Data Charts
Customized Data Charts

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Reports Page
Reports Page

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Posters Series

Poster Series

Military Campaign

Military Campaign

Brochure Front

Brochure Back

Diocese Campaign

Diocese Campaign Tri-Folder

Marketing Ads

Diocese Campaign Tri-Folder Inside

Diocese Campaign Cascading Inserts

Marketing Ads

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