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DIECI Company & Brands


Dieci is a family-owned company based in Livingston, New Jersey that consists of Dieci Lifestyle Spa - a luxury spa and woman's hair salon - Dieci Uomo Salon for men, and a cosmetics line called Dieci Colori.  The company's large customer base, superb reputation in the tri-state area, and award-winning services led to a corporate expansion beginning in 2013.  The expansion and extensive building renovations called for an overhaul of the look of the Deici BRAND, creation of new WEBSITES, and the development of new PRINT COLLATERAL. 


In 2014, I re-created the company's LOGO, which is used prominently on all Dieci collateral, including mailers, trade show posters, product labels and magazine ads.  I created two WEBSITES, one for Dieci Lifestyle Spa and another for Dieci Uomo Salon For Men.  The landing pages hosts images used throughout the WESBITES to show consistency of BRAND and to enforce visual language.  I also created two different 10-page, high-resolution CATALOGS of services, one for Dieci Lifestyle Spa and another for Dieci Uomo.

Dieci Spa Website

Dieci Lifestyle Spa Website

Website Design

Dieci Spa Booklet

Dieci Lifestyle Spa Booklet

Dieci Uomo Website

Dieci Uomo Website

Dieci Uomo Booklet

Dieci Uomo Booklet

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

Trade Show Posters (Javits Center, New York City)

For more information about Dieci Companies BRANDING details please contact Andreà Cassar through the contact us page.

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